The Company

In the organic farm Valle Siriaca, certified by CODEX (Control and Certification Organization), meat, oil, vegetables and fruits are regularly produced and sold. Products are used at our restaurant.

Meat production takes place according to strict biological standards through the breeding of Maremmana breed cows crossed with a Cherolaise bull, all in accordance with the natural rhythms. In the wild state with dozens of hectares available, calves are born and grow by eating green pasture and when the season does not allow, with hay produced directly in the company with the same rigid biological criteria.

The food and the quality of life of free-bred animals are particularly cautious to move in the large spaces dedicated to them. The company has an industry dedicated to the regular direct sale of meat.

The idea is to bring the consumer in direct contact with the producer and allow him to see in person the origin, quality, breeding procedures of the product purchased. Our philosophy is to promote farm-to-table even in the supply of other products that we use for our restaurant.

We therefore offer the possibility to consume and buy the following organic products:

  • Meat
  • Oil
  • Fruits, Vegetables & Marmalades


In Valle Siriaca, we breed cows of Italian Maremmana breeds crossed with the French Charolaise, according to the natural rhythms. The herd counts 1 bull, 8 mares, and 10 calves. Animals have more than 20 hectares of fresh herb available, alternating with hay in the winter, directly produced on the farm with the same rigid biological criteria. We also include pigs and poultry from meat and eggs.

It is important to know that the flesh of animals grown in the grass offers more nutritional and qualitative properties than the meat of cattle grown in the stable.

It’s a flesh leaner – 40 kcal less for 200g of meat – compared to meat from bovine animals grown in intensive breeding and rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene With less saturated fat and less cholesterol, and contains four times the omega 3, the so-called “good fats” that play a vital role in the cells of our body and seem to have a protective action against our circulatory system and the body.

It is a quality flesh that recalls the flavors of the past and does not lose water in cooking. The purchase of this meat guarantees the traceability of the product at Km 0, from manufacturer to consumer, guaranteeing its EEC organic farming certification and quality.

Meat sales are made monthly on reservation with family packages of at least 5 kg.

For reservations write to or call 06-9078521.

Olive Oil

Oil production is carried out through the cultivation of olive trees that have never been treated throughout the year with pesticides or other products; Harvesting is done by hand and the grinding takes place a few hours after collection, following the millennial tradition of the area. The sale of oil is carried out in packs of 500 ml.

For reservations write to or call 06.9078521

Vegetables, fruits and Jams 

The production of Vegetables, Fruit & Jams follows the style of the company that does not allow the use of any chemical for the care of fruits and vegetables. The sale of these products is however strongly conditioned by the size of the production and the priority use of these in preparing dishes for the restaurant and preparing jams.

All the company’s productions are under strict conditions with respect to the organic farming regulations of CEE. The only fertilizers used are those obtained from the manure of cattle bred in the farm.